About Killstarr

In 2186, music was all but forgotten... Until Killstarr arrived...


A view of the future, through the lens of the past. Inspired by the sound, aesthetic, and vibe of the '80s, Killstarr infuses his signature touch into a dreamy, cinematic, neon-soaked synthwave journey, dripping with nostalgia.


Killstarr first emerged into the synthwave scene with his debut EP, "Memories" in 2014. After a sparse 4 years releasing only a handful of singles, Killstarr returns with his first full-length album, "Worlds Apart".


About Worlds Apart:

The year is 21XX. Killstarr must embark on a quest which will thrust him across the galaxy, where he will be confronted with a series of challenges in order to re-unite with his lost lover, worlds apart.


What others have said:

"Finally the most highly anticipated album in synthwave history is here and it was well worth the wait! Astounding masterpiece that was built with so much love and passion that it far exceeds my wildest expectations of what defines amazing music! Perfect and flawless dreamwave/retro synth mix here that everyone must own! Memories, hopes and dreams are revisited with this oh so magnificent release! This album is for anyone who loves life, who loves music and who loves love!!!!!"

D. Rotenburger


"Pure magic from start to finish. One of the very best albums of the year"

Synthwave TV


"Awesome work, terrific authentic vibes"

Highway Superstar


"Worlds Apart gets back to the pop roots of what made this genre so popular in the first place. Best enjoyed with a YouTube compilation of slow-motion 80s head-turns. This gets a massive heart shaped seal of approval from your Sydney pals, Vast Hill."

Vast Hill


"It’s a great album - makes me nostalgic for nostalgia... 1,000% Vehlinggo recommended release."



"Calling it right now: Synthwave album of the year... and my favourite synthwave album ever"

Dream Fiend



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